News Literacy Project

The News Literacy Project is a national nonprofit that teaches kids how to tell fact from fiction online. It was moving out of start-up phase when the “fake news” phenomenon hit. NLP needed to grow almost overnight to keep up with the attention the nation was suddenly paying to it.

This was another organization where communications departments didn’t exist. We needed to create channels and outlets for our message, as well as the internal foundations that would support this new way of thinking.

With my guidance, we far exceeded all of our goals.

Here’s what our plans looked like:

Rebranding and messaging

  • We created NLP’s first message mapping and staff training for messaging
  • We refreshed our logo and branding to help us stand out in the market
  • We created our first crisis communications plan


  • We built two social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.
  • We quickly built a strong and engaged audience on Facebook.
  • We leveraged Twitter for our news and education audiences.
  • We embarked on a massive web redesign project, expected to be complete in 2018.

Content strategy

  • Our social media campaigns were the largest factor that took our lessons and messages worldwide.
  • Our fundraising campaigns, both social and email, exceeded expectations.
  • Our careful research showed that audiences wanted to hear more, not less from us. So we shifted production and publication schedules to bring them the tools, tips and resources they were requesting.
  • Social content I developed were among the most popular pieces among our followers.


  • We built editorial calendars.
  • We created editorial workflows and process.
  • We trained staff on key communications skills to boost confidence levels and build morale.
  • We crafted strong communications and social media plans that aligned with strategic goals.

A glance at some of NLP’s new content:


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