Name recognition for LSRI

LSRI is the world’s leading center for the learning sciences. However, the public didn’t know about it.

In a way, we had a clean slate: No communications department existed at LSRI, and the website was hard-coded and out of date. We built a strategy that focused on storytelling to demonstrate the breakthrough work LSRI’s researchers did. We used LSRI’s unique position in the field to develop out-of-the-box channels and materials. The successful social media and marketing strategies put LSRI’s name on the map, and increased enrollment to its renowned Ph.D. program.

After we launched the campaign, I received this email message: “I have worked here at UIC for years, and NOW I finally understand what LSRI does.”

Some of the stories:

The connected chemistry curriculum helps bring science to life for high school students High school chemistry classes typically go something like this: A teacher stands in front of the room and writes symbols on the blackboard. Students copy them, then move to a wet lab to mix a concoction in a test tube.

Cryptoclub makes math fun by teaching students to crack codes Cracking secret codes can be a lot of fun: Little Orphan Annie’s decoder ring may have kept plenty of backyard bad guys at bay. It’s also often no laughing matter: Julius Caesar used ciphers to protect his correspondence. Julian Assange unlocked databases that few people were meant to see.

Images from the campaign:

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