Construction in Orange County’s schools

OCPS construction: A contentious and controversial audit leads prosecutors to investigate the construction division in Orange County Public Schools.

Audit details troubles in school district’s buildings programs. Orange County public-school managers are being criticized for sloppy and haphazard control over millions of dollars’ worth of routine construction and maintenance projects on the 180 campuses that make up the nation’s 10th-largest school district.

Orange school auditors may be fired after their critical review of the district’s construction division. The jobs of two auditors for Orange County publics schools are in jeopardy weeks after they authored a highly critical and controversial review of the district’s construction division that detailed a history of haphazard and shoddy management practices.

Auditor’s digging led to more questions Jan Skjersaa was suspicious. During his audit of Orange County schools’ construction division, he hept running across discrepancies involving one contractor, Curtis Hodges, and his company’s work on the roof of the Evans High School Ninth Grade Center.

Prosecutors investigate Orange County Schools State prosecutors have launched an investigation into Orange county Public Schools amid growing turmoil over management practices in the district’s construction division.