I am an award-winning journalist who creates stories, plans, policies and products with organizations that strive to make change.

That includes organizations that produce or support journalism, news and a free press; those that work toward social justice; and others that use science and research to benefit the greater good.

My writing focuses on public education, poverty, justice and news literacy, but I have a broad range of experience that helps me adapt to new and challenging topics, as well.

As a strategist, I help nonprofits and start-ups build blueprints for growth and success. I craft editorial workflows. And I create policies and protocols that nurture strong, happy employees.

I train and mentor writers and future leaders who will usher in the next wave of journalism. I also coach professionals on content development, communications and storytelling.

My passions are storytelling, new tools to deliver news and stories, a free press, and yoga.

I am based in Chicago.